Early in your university career, you will be faced with numerous decisions that will change the course of your years. Among the decisions which you will face, is whether or not to join a fraternity. You are encouraged to carefully weigh your alternatives and decide to join. If so, you will soon discover that your decision to rush was the best decision you have ever made.

Membership in a fraternity will greatly enhance your life and leave you with many fond memories when you graduate. Fraternities not only provide you with social opportunities, but also allow for personal development, close friendships, leadership opportunities, academic achievements, and athletic competitions. In general joining a fraternity offers unique experiences that cannot be matched.

Fraternity life can be beneficial to everyone. For many, joining a fraternity can help ease the transition between high school and university by helping them to get involved right away and meet countless new people. Not only do men become close with their brothers, they also have the opportunity to network with alumni, students, and university administrators. Also, by joining a national organization, you will have the opportunity to be connected to men across the country, which can open the door for many future career opportunities.